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Star Oaks Farm

Handcrafted Wood Soap Dish

Handcrafted Wood Soap Dish

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Handmade Douglas Fir Soap Dish

Made with douglas fir wood and treated with food grade mineral oil.  These soap trays are designed to help keep your handmade soap lasting longer by letting excess water drain off.  Dry soap is happy soap!  Naturally colored soaps (e.g. charcoal) may stain your soap dish.  It is not harmful only cosmetic.

Care Instructions For Your Soap Dish:      Your soap dish needs periodic care, every six months or as needed.  Wash with a mild dish soap using the scrubby side of a sponge.  The drain grooves may require a toothbrush to clean them.  If mold is suspected, soak in hydrogen peroxide for 12 hours.  Rinse with water.  Repeat as needed.  Let completely dry.  Reapply mineral oil.  Wipe dry, let sit overnight.  Resume enjoying your soap dish!

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